Rhino Compute and Magnetizing FPG plug-in

Hello @stevebaer
I am making a web app by using Magnetizing FPG plugin. But I need to take input of room name and room area in the room instance.

is there any method to call input using Javascript to Room instance?

Hey @keshav.875, I’ve moved this to keep the original thread on-topic.

This sounds like a tricky issue. These components don’t appear to use Grasshopper’s normal data flow. Even if you can get the “room name” to update, there’s no guarantee that the definition will solve the same as it would when running in Rhino.

To begin with, I’d recommend getting in touch with the plug-in developer and asking them these questions!

ok thanks, I got it.

But can I run each and every plugin available in food for rhino on compute server or not?
Or we can just run the grasshopper component and cant use the Grasshopper plugin components on the compute server?

Many plugins available on food4rhino will work on compute and some will not. We have not compiled a list yet of what works and what doesn’t.