Rhino compute 503 Service Unavailable

I have installed Rhino Compute of my EC2 instance. It had been working a few moths back. But now I am getting the response as 503, Service unavailable.

Hi @Aditi_Chauhan Can you confirm that your VM is indeed running? Or maybe restart it? Did you install Rhino.compute using the bootstrap script from here? Did you update anything? Or did you literally just start the VM and sent a request and you got back a 503?

Hi @AndyPayne I got it working after tweaking some settings.

I’d be curious to know what you changed to get it working.

I changed the Identity setting to Local System in my ApplicationPool

I got the same 503 error an a fresh install with the current installation scripts for Rhino 7.
I did however change the password of the RhinoComputeUser before testing.
Updating the password in the RhinoComputeAppPool / Identity for the RhinoComputeUser solved the problem