Rhino compiler Human UI crash

Hi everyone,
when I load a module compiled with the Rhino compiler and a human UI interface, closing this window crashes every time Rhino, which is problematic when installing at a customer.

Have you ever noticed this problem?
thank you in advance

What is the rhino compiler?

this is the rhino script compiler command.



Hi @andheum ,
could you see the problem I was talking about?

thank you in advance

Sorry, I don’t have time to look into this.

I am not so sure whether the problem is really solved. But I’d like to share something I tried. I use metahopper and humanUI together to solve the problem.

  1. The first thing I noticed is that after compiled with the script compiler, directly close humanUI window will crash Rhino7. So I add some code to deal with the close event to really close the gh file, Rhino was not crashed, but run the command again, I can’t get any result. Then I modify the code to only hide the window. It seems to work.
  2. While start the command, some method is needed to make sure humanUI window is shown. I use metahopper to add true value from the user command to the toggle. Then every time run the command will toggle humanUI window on.
  3. While the command is ended, the same method is used to close the window.

    test.gh (12.2 KB)
    PS. Most time it seems to work and no error. Some time when you exit rhino, there are still some crash messages. Maybe I need do more test.
    The c# component need to reference the “MahApps.Metro.dll” in HumanUI installed directory.

when I compile I get an error. Error (CS1009)
I’m really looking forward to compiling the UI Humen. but I don’t think it’s real. :slight_smile:

I confirm that I would also like to be able to compile the grasshopper definitions containing interfaces made with Human UI components. This would quickly create ergonomic plugins that are easy to deploy and use.

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