Rhino Common .Net Framework changed?

Hi, I was wondering if you raiesd the .Net Framework for RhinoCommon from 4.6 to 4.8?

After installing the Release Candidate of Rhino 7 RS5, my plug-Ins won’t build anymore (unless I change the Framework).


Hi Martin!

I think so. @Alain did this work. You can both use an old RhinoCommon assembly from a previous Rhino 7 SR, or switch to NuGet. See more info here: Using NuGet with C#.

Thanks, Giulio

Yes, RhinoCommon now targets net48.

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Your plugin has actually been runnnig under .NET 4.8 for the entire time that Rhino 7 has been available as that is the framework version that ships with Rhino andn is what Rhino loads. We finally got around to getting all of our libraries updated to properly show that they target 4.8.

You should adjust your framework target to 4.8 in your plug-in project. Once that is done, everything should compile.

Thank you for the info. We’ll switch the target Framework then.

Just for others to find this topic more easy:

if you have the wrong target Framework, for example 4.6 instead of 4.8 you will get the follow error in the first line in visual Studio error list:

Error CS0246
The type or namespace name ‘Rhino’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Hi Martin,
It would be nice if rhinocommon would support net 5 or net 6. As Microsoft is progressing fast, and even the syntax in coding changed.

For Rhino 8 we are investigating the possibility to target .NET 6 on Windows. On MacOS Rhino 8 already targets .NET 6. See this reply Visual Studio changing plug-in from V6 to V7 - #4 by stevebaer.

IIRC NET 6 projects may reference .NET Framework DLLs in VS. Have you tested this feature with dynamic assembly loading so that many plugins don’t need to be re-coded?

We do not plan to break our SDK and want most if not all exiting plugins to be able to load in Rhino 8. There are a handful of breaking changes between the 4.8 and 6, but they are in areas where I wouldn’t expect many plugins to use them.

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