Rhino Colored Tabs


would it be possible to have a colored tabs in toolbars?
I believe that it would help to quickly and easier navigate better than reading texts on the tabs only.

See image here for colored tabs: http://db.tt/ulsSOHZ5
See image here for possible Toolbar Properties window: http://db.tt/p7WZOKmx

What do you think?

Hello- For now, at the Rhino UI level, you can set the tabs to use ‘Image’ or ‘Image and Text’ in Options > Toolbar > Size and Styles. Editing the tabs properties afterwards will let you set a plain color if you do not like the icon provided. Not quite the same, but possibly a reasonable workaround.


Oh, this is a good solution for now, although it takes up more space on the toolbar.
It might be interesting to have it as a new built-in function.

Thanks for your solution.

Hi Petr,

I agree that that type of coloring could be very useful for visually organizing and quick navigation!
The default should be subtle but as extreme as we want when customized.