Rhino closes when i'm trying to save

This message appears everytime that I’m trying to save the model. Whis is the problem???

Is this only one model, or any model? Can you save a blank file or one with just a couple of lines?

Can you export anything from the model (using the Export command)?

Can you give us some information on your system?


It is still doing it when I’m trying to save a blank file. Neither the export commant works! what information do u mean?

Hi Michaela - can you save using the _-Save command? (with the dash - that is, no dialog box - you’ll need to type in the path for this test)


Hmm… Maybe your Windows OS type, whether you are administrator of the machine, system hardware including graphics card, the Rhino service release you are trying to install, etc… Did you just buy/install Rhino, or did it work before in a previous install, or…?