Hi all,

I need to determine orientation of curves, i use Rhino.ClosedCurveOrientation , but if my planar curves are aligned n X or Y axis Rhino.ClosedCurveOrientation return 0 ( Unable to compute the curve’s orientation )
I think i must use the arrDirection parameters to determine the Local Z direction of each curves.
I made some try with CurvePlane , but no luck
Any help and appreciated.

Option Explicit

Call Main()
Sub Main()
	Dim strObject, arrPlane 	

	strObject = Rhino.GetObject("Select curve", 4)

	If Rhino.IsCurveClosed(strObject) Then 
		arrPlane = rhino.CurvePLane(strObject)
		Rhino.Print Rhino.ClosedCurveOrientation(strObject, arrPlane(3))
	End If 

End Sub

Anyone ?

How can i find the Local Z axis orientation of any planar curves ? vectors ?

Hi @Cyver,

Have you tried this in the Rhino WIP? It appears to be working there.

– Dale

Hi Dale,
Now i tried in WIP and it’s working.
do you mean it’s a bug in V5 ?

Thanks for help.


Hi @Cyver,

Yes I am afraid so. Why do you need this function? What problem does it help you solve?

– Dale

Ok , no worries i found another way.
I’ll wait V6 to finish as i thought.

Thx .