Rhino Camera Features

I’m finally here.

Greetings to all my new community members. That behind us, I look forward in contributing to the evolution of the Rhino for Mac and Rhino in general.

I’ll offer this first: The isometric view is an important one, however, a true lens curvature feature would make it amazing. Many times I look to the isometric view for a rendering of my project only to find straight perspective lines — no lens distortion. Setting the camera focal length to fish-eye mode provides nothing of the desired effect.

This is important if you need to conceptualize the results of your work over real-world imagery. If a client provides you with an image of a build site and you’re to provide renderings over the existing photo, this limitation quickly becomes evident. The end result lacks the impact your work needs as represented in the context understood by the client.

Is there such a provision within Rhino?