[Rhino C#] Issue of modifying Custom object Geometry

hi,guys.I use the sample.CustomRhinoObjectTest
But i find when move the sub geometry.It’s no longer a custom object.
1.The Custom object

2.Move sub edge

3.the Issue

What should I do to keep it as a custom object forever when I modify the sub geometry.
I urgently need your help!!

I’m not sure what you mean exactly. Could you point to the location in your code where the problem occurs?

What I mean is that the custom object is no longer a custom object after being operated by rhinoceros’s built-in functions (such as Trim).I need to keep it a custom object after use the rhinoceros’s built-in operations

Our company purchased rhinoceros software ! My personal computer at home which is used for testing do not purchase it
But your company answered the questions very poorly.Many of my questions were not answered, and I feel very disappointed
If I personally purchased the software but received such a service, I would request a refund.

Hi @zz1 ,
If you upload a 3d model with the custom object I’ll help you.
I suspect that when you move an object, what happens is that it deletes the old object and creates a new one, however It does not store the custom geometry properties.
If you were to upload a 3d model I would be able to better assist you.


First of all, thank you. Even if the model is uploaded. when you open the file,because you don’t have a plugin, it is not a custom objects. It is actually quite simple. For any custom object, you can hold down Ctrl+Shift, select the sub entity of the custom object, and move it. After that, the custom object is no longer a custom object.

Hi @zz1,

RhinoCommon’s support for custom objects is not as robust as that of what you can do in C++. I suggest you look into writing custom objects using the Rhino C++ SDK.

– Dale

thank you ,i will learn form C++ sample,And I found someone handling custom objects related to EndCommand and Idle events