Rhino C++ GetUserString


I’ve a problem with mi Rhino C++ plugin.
I want to set some attibutes to some objects. I found this code and aparently the first part works propertly (I think) but to ensure I want to catch that user string and print it. The ref and obj are from an array and it loops okey.

const CRhinoObjRef& ref = gv.Object(i);
const CRhinoObject* obj = ref.Object();

if (!obj)
	return failure;

ON_wString key = L"test";
ON_wString text = L"sample text";

// Part 1 start
CRhinoObjectAttributes attribs = obj->Attributes();
attribs.SetUserString(key, text);
context.m_doc.ModifyObjectAttributes(ref, attribs);
// Part 1 end

// Parte 2 start
ON_wString textStr;
attribs.GetUserString(key, textStr);

ON_wString userTextStr;
userTextStr.Format(L"UserText: %s\n", textStr);
// Parte 2 end


See the following example:

– Dale