Rhino.BrowseForFolder - network shares

Is there any way to get Rhino.BrowseForFolder (or some other method) to see a network shared folder? I’m not able to do that here… I need to be able to browse to a particular shared folder pretty deeply nested on our network server and batch import some files. Rhino.BrowseForFolder isn’t seeing this particular folder for some reason… ??

Thx, --Mitch

Could it be that Rhino is filtering on filename extension and your target file doesn’t pass? If Rhino is showing “all”, could it be that he doesn’t like filenames with two dots in them?

Ah, perhaps it thinks that \enacfiles1.epfl.ch is a file with an extension .ch and it’s ignoring it? Browse for folder is only looking for folders, not files…


That function uses a standard folder browser control in windows forms. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.windows.forms.folderbrowserdialog(v=vs.100).aspx

You’ll probably get the same results when using a folder browser from any application. My guess is that it is a bug in Windows.

OK, thanks Steve, I knew it was using a standard Windows function… There do seem to be different ones out there, for example some allow you to see and use Windows shortcuts, others (like BrowseForFolder) they do not show up…

Anyway, I worked around it by providing the user an alternative stringbox for the path. That way one can use Windows Explorer (outside of Rhino) to browse to the folder on the newwork, click in the path box and extract the full path to the folder, and paste it into the stringbox in Rhino… Not exactly elegant, but it works… :sweat:


@stevebaer Actually, in testing, this is not true. Pretty much all the applications I have allow me to see this stuff in one form or another. Adobe CS, Office apps, Magics, even Notepad allow me to access this. I cannot see the \\enacfiles1.epfl.ch that is true, but all the other applications allow me to see shortcuts to any network folder and/or have the tree view on the left hand side which shows me Favorites, Libraries, a bunch of network folders etc, all of which have routes to get where I want to go. Only Rhino.BrowseForFolder does not. It looks like it is using a Windows 98 style dialog… :frowning:

IMO, BrowseForFolder needs to use something similar to the Rhino Open file dialog…


There is a difference between the folder browser dialog and the file browser dialog in Windows. Notepad definitely does not use the folder browser since it wants to let you pick a file (not a folder). rs.OpenFileName would be a file browser and it probably works for seeing the network share.

Yeah you’re right, that occurred to me later… sorry for the noise… Do wish that there was a browse for folder method that had a tree view navigation pane like Open File dialogs do though… but it really does look like it doesn’t exist…