Rhino Blogger -- please start posting here

I’ve left the NNTP newsgroup, and one thing I liked was that new blog posts were posted to the newsgroup @bobmcneel . I’m not seeing those updates here. Can we start getting those updates? Thanks.

Currently the new blog posts are automatically e-mailed to nntp newsgroup…

How it might work here is a question for @stevebaer or @brian

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Well, you’re the boss. Start bossing them around. :wink:

As far as I know, discourse doesn’t have a way to add content via email or API - you have to do it manually. I believe that both ways of adding content are in the works, but not implemented.

For now, I guess we could add an Announcement category, and somebody could post links here. I was hoping that Discourse would one-box the blog post, but apparently it doesn’t:

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We actually have a fairly decent (albeit undocumented) API.

The other option is the WordPress plugin,


Is the API rich enough to let me post a new topic to a specific category and impersonate a user on this system? Impersonation would be nice but is not a requirement. Can you direct me to the place on Github where I can read through the API implementation? Also, can tou direct me to how to perform authentication? I am fully aware the API is fluid and my code may need modification at any update :grin:

And, is blogger a supported onebox target?

Yes, it sure is.

You can see the API call here in horrendous PHP glory: