Rhino blocking the WIN Search Icon(?)

I’m not sure of this but I suspect that Rhino is the cause for the Search icon on the windows taskbar to go numb.

If I press the Windows Key and try to click the Search icon (pictured) nothing happens. Nada. Icon seems dead. Oftentimes also WIN+S doesn’t work either. Nada. Dead. (Clue: All this until I close or minimize Rhino).

Perhaps I’m mean being suspicious of Rhino in this case, but if it really is Rhino causing this then Rhino is mean. Really annoying in fact. :slight_smile:

Anyone else having this “dead” WIN-Search Icon & Key-combination?


Something I can do to avoid this annoying hampering behavior?

// Rolf

Haven’t run into that yet. I use winshifts several times a day to capture something from a running Rhino. For searching I generally just press win, then just start typing. The search icon I’ve removed from my toolbar, but at least wins appears to be working fine here.

Hm. Yes, those commands I also used to use extensively (after you hinted about them a while ago), but recently they’ve been failing me almost all the time.

But, if it’s only me experiencing this I really wonder what happened to this ol’ donkey. We’ll see if it persists.

// Rolf