Rhino Block Tools plugin. SelSameBlocks is "unknown command."

I was certain this command worked previously. MakeUnique, and ResetBlockScale work, but SelSameBlocks is unknown command. Thoughts

RH 7.18
BlockTools 1.4

I’m not familiar with this “BlockTools 1.4” plug-in.

Perhaps @ejnaren has some insight.

Wim is right. It is created by ejnaren. I’ve been using it ever since I discovered it gave Rhino the “make [block] unique” feature that I use extensively in Sketchup.

Hmmm… The error description here is little to go by :slightly_smiling_face:
I don’t really know what happens and why it has not registered or forgotten the command.
Maybe try and install it again?

It’s a simple plugin adding three commands that are really helpful working with blocks.

I have been in dialogue with Pascal on including this in Rhino as the commands are very basic:

They are hosted on GitHub:

I would love to revive the discussion to add these commands to Rhino itself!

Thanks for the response. I did remove, reinstall, etc. Did it on my old Win 10 install of Rhino, and my new install after I moved to Win 11. Pretty odd that the other commands work?

Yep, Rhino should have the commands.

But I can try and update rhino and try if it fails for me as well and get back to you.
Otherwise I am not really sure how to troupleshoot this for you unless you run the command in the python editor and report the errors.

Can you explain how to do that?