Rhino Block Instance to Illustrator Instance

Hi guys!

I’m currently working on a mapping project which requires the use of block instances. I’m processing raw dwg survey geometry in rhino and i’m looking for a way to export block instances from rhino into illustrator so it will still be read as an instance when opened in illustrator. Is there a way that rhino will export an instance into illustrator so I can then swap it for a symbol? I cannot seem to get dwg/dxf’s to maintain the instance, they either convert the instance to geometry or it does not export.


Hi Connor- the AI version that Rhino exports is ancient, and pretty basic. You might try dwg or dxf, I think AI can read that though I have no idea how blocks are handled.


So far as I know there is not a way to bring blocks into AI and keep them as blocks/instances. However there is a great workaround tool if you are dealing with many. Its a Find and Replace Graphics script that you can run in AI.
A very useful tool. There are other java script solutions out there, search the adobe forums also.

Thanks @carvecream! This has done the job nicely and reduced my file size by about 300%