Rhino Block Data to PLY export, coordinate system?

I have been given point cloud data in a Rhino file. The point cloud itself was inserted as a block instance. I want to export the point cloud from Rhino as a .ply. I see that I can do this in the BlockManager:

I select “DT” and then “Export” to get the .ply that I want. No problem. However, when I import it into my next program, CloudCompare, I notice that the coordinate system is NOT the same as that displayed for the block instance in the Rhino viewport.

What I need is the .ply data referenced to the Rhino global coordinate system, as it is displayed in the viewport. My idea was to somehow “unblock” the block instance, so that it was selectable as point data in the viewport, and then export it from there. Is there a way to do this?

Thank you.

Hello - yeah, you are probably getting the block insertion point. I’ll have to test. You can explode the block and then export normally from Rhino and then Undo the explode.