Rhino Beta can't print to pdf generic error in gdi

In the current first BETA (7.0.20273.15003, 9/29/2020) I can’t print my previous files to pdf I get a generic error in gdi. I was able to print these very same files last night before the update.

I just tried with a circle and sphere and I get the same error in a new file trying to print to pdf seems totally broke. I need to get these docs out any way to go back to the last wip?
printTry.3dm (306.1 KB)

Here is a newer build that should fix the issue. Sorry about that


Thanks Steve downloading now! I was able to print by saving to V6 file type and printing from there. I forgot I had V6 LOL.
Love the work you are doing on V7 congrats on going to beta.