Rhino Beta breaks camera for V-Ray

The viewport camera is somehow not being transfered to V-Ray, and renders at a fixed lens length independent from the viewport camera lens length. Hope this can be fixed soon!

That is because in V7 ON_3dmUnitsAndTolerances::ON_UnitSystem::MetersPerUnit() returns the inverse of what it was in V6. That seems to be newly introduced in the latest releases. It needs a migration, that is not yet developed.

@Nikolay please don’t make any changes yet. We are investigating the possibility of reverting the change we made in order to not break our SDK from a functional perspective.

I was just a step away from merging it. Putting it on hold

Yeah… just found out that after updating to BETA that depth-of-field in Vray is broken (doesn’t seem to have any effect when enabled)

@Nikolay we are restoring that function to work as it previously did. We are marking this function as deprecated with a message for an alternative function that can be used for future development.

In other words, you shouldn’t need to change anything for now

@stevebaer, didn’t you mean to say that: the existing plug-in installations should keep working, but any new releases should preferrably use the correct function and math changes it brings? I.o.w make changes when the new function is available in the public sdk…?

This sounds like the issue I’ve been having with V-Ray this past week. The viewport camera isn’t being replicated when you render. I thought I’d messed something up.

Is there a solution yet?

I seem to have the same problem. Also thought i had messed it up. reinstalling vray didn’t help.
Doesn’t seem to happen in v6.

I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought I’d done something to mess it up! I almost reinstalled V-Ray too but stumbled across this thread in the nick of time.

The solution for me at the moment is to use V6 for rendering. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

FYI this was reverted in the daily builds already so if you install one of the later daily builds it should be fixed. Here things work back to normal


I had the same problem, and I try to use always V6 to render. It’s good having vray on v7 beta, and discover issues to fix, but it’s a bit risky too if you are in the middle of a project.

@Nikolay it seems that in V-Ray for Rhino 5 beta 2 this is broken again ;-(

Of course it is.
I had to merge my changes to the meters scale, because the beta was untestable on V7 and I didn’t revert it. That was with 7.0.20280. Now the new version is 7.0.20287 where the behavior is reverted, and my adaptation now plays against me. There will be update very soon, where V-Ray will be built against the latest V7 SDK and the problem will vanish for good.
Meanwhile you can workaround it if you change your units to < meters >