Rhino Annotation Styles in VisualARQ

Does anyone know how VisualARQ reads Rhino Annotation Styles?

It seems like VA picks up the Rhino Annotation Style properties, and applies the ‘Model Space Scale’ factor to text showing in the Plan view (placed in the model space).

In the image shown below, I use a 1:50 annotation style when I define the style properties (the Model Space scale is 0.05, and Adjusted text height is 0.15, my model units are meter, layout units are mm). With this 1:50 annotation style, I can draw a 0.15m tall text in model space that appears as 3mm tall text in a Layout, thus text drawn appear to be the same size when using the same annotation style in either ‘space’.

To describe the image below:

  1. plan view in model space
  2. model in model space
  3. Layout, showing the Plan view show in number 1 at left
    m = green dimension in model space, L = black dimension in Layout space

Currently, the text in the Plan View is becoming proportionally Bigger, therefore scaling in the opposite direction as what I might expect for use in a Layout.
–If I define the Section Style Properties as an Annotation Scale of 1:50, should the text size become smaller so that it reads correctly in a Layout Detail view scaled 1:50?

Hello @kevin3,

There is an already known issue which involves annotation styles working in Plan Views; it looks like the problem is the “Model space scale” value. Please, try using 1 as a value for this factor. We are already working on this, so I have already added your vote in our wishlist.

Hi @alfmelbev, I also noticed that 1 as a value factor regulates the size more regularly.

Thanks for the follow up and I appreciate the work!
Will look forward to the next updates as we are using VA more and more.


Hi @kevin3,

Also, take into account that texts inside VisualARQ objects do not scale in layouts when you enable the option “Enable layout space scaling”.


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Hi @kevin3 ,

I just want to let you know that we have already released VisualARQ 2.13, which fixes this problem you reported about dimensions being generated in a different scale in plan views.

You have all the information about this new version here: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.13 released


Very cool!

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