Rhino and Orca3d Student edition

Hello everyone!

I m a naval architecture and marine engineering student from Turkey.

I want to buy rhino as a student license and than ı will buy a orca3d as a student licence.

Will be occur any problem when ı want to install orca3d to my student licensed rhino.

Thanks anyway.

No, I did exactly that, no problem whatsoever

and the support from both teams is amazing.

the only “down side” of the student edition is that you can’t resell it in the future, so you are the owner forever!

I wonder if i can write the licenses as something in my testament for my daughter to get in 100 years or so

Hi Deniz,

As Altamiro noted there is no problem using a student license of Orca3D with a student Rhino license. The only requirement for an Orca3D Education license is that you send Proof of eligibility. A copy of student ID, or a copy of current course schedule, or a letter from a professor on school letterhead. Your course of study must be naval architecture or a related field. And hopefully we all live 100 years to be able to pass something along :slight_smile: Let us know if we can answer any other questions (you can send any questions to support@orca3d.com.

Kind regards,
Larry Leibman

Also, the Update from Rhino 6 to Rhino 7 did not require any rework from the developers, so it was free of charge (from Orca3d R6 to Orca3D R7), even with the student license.

Hello Larry .

I have question about orca3d educational licence.

Does educational license expire when my school is finished?

if not can ı use forever being with out commercial purposes?

Kind regards

Hello Deniz,
The Orca3D Educational license does not expire when your school is finished. You may continue to use it, and use it commercially. Updates (e.g., version 2.x to 2.y) are free, just like Rhino service releases. Upgrades (e.g., version 2.x to 3.x, or new modules), may be purchased at the educational price if you are still a student, or the commercial price if you are no longer a student.
Thank you,