Rhino and Grasshopper for Biologists Scientists Physicists?

Ever since stumbling into the world of CAx, specifically parametrically visually substituted like Grasshopper, I wonder if there actually are also those upon us who "ab"use this software for something else other than design or architecture. Maybe somebody is using it to modify or analyse genetic puzzles pieces of viruses humans or dinosaurs, maybe somebody is using it to simulate, display photonic discharges of electrons surrounding their cores, melting or breaking molecules apart. Maybe somebody is using it to parametricise not only the shape but also the ingredients of a cake with it. I really dont know, the usages seem vastly infinite, but I would love to hear about it.

A while ago, I remember somebody was trying to use grasshopper to build tools for bitcoin or stock exchange…

I know about various fields of engineering esp.naval, medical/dental/orthopedic, math, UI/UX design or all the craftsman who own more then traditional tools (Rhino and so GH is quite a common software here)

Furthermore I‘ve seen biological visualization in this forum, although everything regarding visualization you are better of in a software which allows keyframing and better polygonmodelling like maya etc.

CAD/CAM is about creating real world objects in first place. And using Grasshopper is about (visual)programming/automation. But its also a concequence of architectual research.So its obvious quite big in this field.

that is interesting and would be nice if you´d had some links at hand, but thinking about biology i was rather thinking in terms of 3 dimensional genetic parametrisation. how far could one go with grasshopper, of course if needed having to write additional codes and scripts. but associating with the above posted video i am curious if anything real genetic would be possible at all. life is after all basically “programmed” volume which develops and reproduces. one might have to think about recursive iterative memory. which is probably the key to intelligence. but then how far is grasshopper with A.I. at all.

maybe all that that is just too far away… or?