Rhino and Forums at top left no longer work


The Rhino image and Forums at top left are no longer work as refresh buttons even though my mouse cursor changes to show a refesh action, clicking the above has no effect, now the only way to get back to the start page is to use the refresh button, it would be productive at least to have a back button that works and/or more navigation options.

Eadem mutata resurgo

(John Brock) #2

I can’t duplicate that behavior. It works fine here.
Do you have another computer you can try it on or perhaps a different mouse?


@John_Brock which browser are you using?

(Steve Baer) #4

Works for me. I’m currently running OSX and testing with chrome and safari


Try with ie 9


IE9 is supported… but barely.

It doesn’t support changing the URL in JavaScript, so the URL in your address bar will always stay at the same location no matter what page you are on. Unfortunately.

This sounds like a regression though, was clicking the image at top left to go back to the homepage working before?


Thanks for taking a look you’re the only one with enough sense to actually test it on ie9.
Yes it was working before for me. If you want to leave it as it is now that’s ok, I can use the refresh on ie’s address bar to get back to the start page. If it currently is coded to work better with newer browsers that’s fine leave it as is for the rest of the users. I’ll upgrade to chrome at some point.


If it is a regression we will definitely try to fix it. Sorry about that.

But yes, IE10 is a great browser as well as Chrome. I use ie10 quite a bit, and even ie11 now that Windows 8.1 preview is out.


Thanks so much for your help and suggestions.
Love your avatar by the way


To all concerned:
I think you should know that Vista doesn’t support IE ten
here is a quote from Microsoft:

“The latest version available for your system is already installed. Although Internet Explorer 10 will not run on your system, you can download Internet Explorer 10 for other systems.”

Guess I have to go with chrome, hopefully this information will help others still running vista and using ie9 and looking to upgrade.


Ah, sorry about that – I did not realize IE10 was not going to be made available on Vista!

(IE11 will be out in a few months and is available on Win7 and Win8, it is a default in Windows 8.1)

Chrome and Firefox are also excellent choices.