Rhino After 8 Years (long!)

wow- thanks for this. A lot to unpack here.

I’m going to do my best to respond to what I can- others will undoubtedly chime in-

Can you send us some of the materials you are seeing slowing down?

Please send us any fails so we can analyze them and see if its a modeling problem or if thge booleans can be tuned up.

Tools like inset, or using auto cplane and drawing directly onto a face can help Push/pull be more direct. have you tried them? New in v8 stuff.

can you clarify this workflow? Maybe zhare a model or some screen captures? Does extrude (dot on gumball) do what you want? It works a little differently than Push pull.

can you share the tools you are having trouble finding? Do you you use aliases or keyboard shortcuts? Do you have a custom pop up menu on your MMB?

Have you checked out Flair? It was trialed in v8 wip, and will come back in the v9 wip-

grab the intel or nvidia, denoisers from the package manager. IMO they work better than the post effect version.

images to see would be helpful here to see your results.

Have you played with hdri light studio? It’s an application that allows you to make custom hdri environment maps.

can you expand on that? How so?

The settings in the image itself allow for more fine control-
the Gamma, saturation and multipliers may get you what you need-

can you send examples? files or images will help

We do not have that capability as of yet, @nathanletwory would have to jump in about it’s technical possibilities

right click the material and choose save to file- does that not do what you need?

@piac did the heavy lifting here, and I agree- they are night and day better. Glad you are enjoying them. Please send us any fails so we can continue to improve them.

we really appreciate your feedback and the time you took to share it.

It may be worth splitting these issues out into individual posts going forward so we can drill down on the specifics of each issue without it getting lost in a super long thread. That way we can attach the relevant info into a tracking item for each feature or request and get it to teh relevant dev resource without them having to wade through stuff that does not pertain to the specific issue.

be well, and thanks for your feedback-

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