Rhino actions => Gh nodes

Not really sure if it worth it, but Idea:
Create\modify objects in Rhino, and Gh would create nodes based on this with connections based on how it was done in Rhino - like snapping

In other words to convert Rhino history into Gh definition.


You are asking for CATIA, Solidworks, etc.

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It is something we’ve discussed internally when Grasshopper first appeared, but it was generally agreed that the massive effort could not be justified yet. Perhaps things have changed enough since then and we can decide otherwise now, but that decision will have to wait until after Grasshopper 2.0 ships.


and this is gonna happen… …with WIP 8?

I really don’t know when. Work on Rhino 8 has begun now that Rhino 7 has been released. Once grasshopper 2.0 has stabilised enough to move out of beta we’ll have another meeting about this.

Wouldn’t that require that all the (geometrical) commands of Rhino can be called from code? That’s actually the more useful thing. How often do you get stuck by creating something directly in Grasshopper, just because you cannot get the same quality command of Rhino!

Once this is there, doing some sort of Makro-to-Node recording feature for GH is much more realistic. Still the reason why parametric modeller like Catia do not replace direkt modelling approaches , is the fact that you cannot parameterize things like control points. Whenever you you move control points to modify a shape, how will you constrain this properly? And @gankeyu is totally right, if you need something like this than Grasshopper is probably not the best tool for the job.

I could think about something differently, what if Grasshopper2 introduces more straightforward modelling components, which is much closer (also in it’s icons) to what the Rhinotoolbar gives you?!


But also some things that exists in Rhino are not in Gh.

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I for one would vouch for the system that Alias uses, where history is pushed to the history visualiser in which edits can be made to the model in a Grasshopper like fashion. For instance, you can change a sweep’s rail at a later stage in the model and any subsequent relations to other geometry would also be updated. Not to rehearse myself, but it fits in the discussion here, see: this.

What you are describing is (light-weight) parametric modelling. The greatest advantage of Grasshopper is the ability to use algorithms to generate geometry. Alias can’t do this, which is especially bad when it comes to patterns.
Any complex pattern is almost impossible to achieve in Alias. It offers some tools but they are crap.

Dynamo, which would be more to what GH is, does not even support Alias geometry. At least in 2018 it was like this. It was literally pointless the use.

There is not always an advantage to parametric CAD. Even in Alias you are not able to constrain controlpoints properly. Maybe Catia ISD is the best here. But in any case the ability of actually calling all tools from code will be huge improvement. No matter if Alias or Rhino. I do know that Autodesk is working on this, but I’m not aware of the current state, since I switched the business…


I’ve just realized - for now, would it be possible to implement this for Grasshopper Player?
so we could re-create some Rhino commands as gh player definitions (and save them as rhino buttons?)
And when using them in Rhino - they would be placed as clusters and connected with each other in gh canvas.