Rhino 8 WIP Transforming geometry is 10X slower than Rhino 7

I don’t know if I’m the only one to have issues with Rhino 8 WIP OpenGL performances.
As you can see from the video I have to wait more than 5 seconds to move a modest complex 2d group made of 1388 curves.
In Rhino 7 the move action is instantaneous.
Also loading the same scene with Rhino 8 takes 3X more than Rhino 7.

I think you have totally broken Rhino 8 OpenGL engine.


This actually looks like some other part of the user interface taking a long time to update after the move has completed and not an OpenGL thing. That is just speculation though until I can repeat the issue. Can you share a model that exhibits this behavior so we can try to repeat the problem here?

hi @gabrielefx I cannot reproduce this on my end with 1400 curves in a group. V8 might be a tad slower but certainly not what you are seeing. Can you send _SystemInfo?

also If you can share your file as well, I’d love to test it on a couple of machines.

I was able to reproduce this issue but with higher amount of Curves. 6000 instead of 1350

This is the project file

428_cocktail_bar.rar (6.7 MB)

Opened the file and hid annotations and selected all curves (selcrv) and then dragged, Rhino WIP is still hanging, so something is broken.
(Intel cpu and rtx 4070ti)

(It came around eventually, but the same done in V7 (had to save file as v7 first) took less than two seconds)

thanks for the file, looking into it right now.

I can definitely see a big difference in that file
Moving all drawings in V7 takes about 7 seconds here, the same in V8 takes indeed at least 10x more time.
RH-74868 Slow performance transforming geometry

In V7:
Select the bottom rectangle by dragging a window from left to right.
Move the selected geometry to somewhere.
See an annotation not moved:

I see additional sprites on the Gumball:

look at the additional diamond shapes within the red boxes.

I know what you mean.
Please re-read:

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Yeah that’s was confusing. Thanks for sharing the information.

RH-74868 is fixed in the latest WIP

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