Rhino 8 WIP scrolling video issue

Hi all,
i am noticing an issue using Rhino 8 wip, i would like just to inform developers as they can solve the problem in next releases.
Opening a 3d model ,not important if big, let’s say from average size (100 Mb) to big (1.5 GB), V8 usually performs better FPS in shaded mode (i use testmaxspeed) that the same file opened in V7 … BUT… it becomes a lot slower when scrolling the zoom. With some models it becomes as slow as it is impossible to use , with blank screen and 20/30 seconds to refresh the image. Same model performs well with V7 and also V6. I tried 3/4 different models and the result is the same. Note that in first releases of wip the problem didn’t happen.
The test has been done using 2 different machines (xeon+quadro m2200 and i9+rtx 2070s).
I am perplexed as _testmaxspeed anyway performs well, but probably zoom need some different settings?
Another thing: zooming a lot inside the model hides the contour curves.

Best regards

Hi Alessandro -

Would you be able to upload the smallest possible file that still shows this behavior on Rhino - Upload to Support? Make sure to add the url to this thread in the comments field.

If I understand that correctly, this issue is on the list as RH-65019.

Hi Wim,
thanks for your prompt feedback, i am trying to select the smallest file as possible . The form asks for a mail of a McNeel man which would be the recipient, can i ask you if you can send me your mail address or another mail address than i can use ?

Thanks a lot

Hi Allessandro - use tech@mcneel.com as the recipient, and please include a link to this topic in your comments. Thanks.