Rhino 8 WIP: Linetype Display of Objects in Blocks

Rhino 8 has improved the way the linetypes are applied to objects in blocks.

In Rhino 7, the linetype scale would be affected by the scale transformation that was applied to the block instance. In other words, the linetype of objects in blocks incorrectly scaled when the block instance was scaled.

In Rhino 8 WIP, the scaling the block instance does not scale the linetype that is displayed. It remains constant. So objects that are in a scaled block and not in a block, now display with the same linetype scale, i.e. they look the same.

In addition, you can assign a linetype scale to the object, and it will display as a product of the object and model linetype scale. These objects can be included in blocks. The overall linetype scale of the model is still affecting the linetype display, even when the object linetype scale is set to an object in or not in a block…

Take a look at this video where I troubleshoot a linetype display issue with Rhino 7 and use Rhino 8 WIP to fix the issue.

Give it a try and let us know if it works for you.
Mary Ann Fugier