Rhino 8 WIP Feature: Flair

That is what the options are for- you can curate it to your own personal taste.


Strongly Agree with this. In the display options in rhino are both one of the most useful and most frustrating parts of Rhino this seems like pretty limited addition to them. I’ll have to have a deeper play later.

I know proper NPR is probs outside the roadmap but it would be great if for version 8 some work could be done creating less dated presets for the display modes and some general fixes to that side of things, I still get a lot of graphical artefacts in display mode output and myriad of other minor but frustrating issues.

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looks really nice - I am looking forward to the mac version because I always missed penguin for the mac. It looks like this thing is doing something similar (and more) :slight_smile:

That was my impression too, unfortunately… Lacking in subtlety IMHO. :grimacing:

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No I can’t. Not even close. Not at least with the settings and capabilities the tools have now, or at least what you are exposing right now.

Even if I could, how is this helpful to your average user? Your default presets for this should be gorgeous, that was my point here. I’m trying to help you guys, happy to go over this with you or anyone else if you want to explore how to build something good.




So far my impression is similar: fantastic idea but implementation not there yet (or at least with these presets).
For example, Pencil Sketch is really nice, but why no setting there to control the edge thickness, which is quite basic for this type of style?

This is just an example, overall, I wish we were given ALL possible parameters of custom flair display to play with and create our own “Flairs” from scratch and share here.

@Jeff - very cool to see the “layers” for flare display. So far also hi-res viewcaptures work well with Flairs. Would it be possible to have a command that captures/saves all the “Flare” layers/passes separately so we can compose and mix and match them outside of Rhino, combine with normal screenshots etc?

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fiddle this setting.
The options here work well if you roll them with a scroll wheel on your mouse, you can see the effect in real time on screen.

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SaveActiveFLRDef and LoadFLRDef will allow you to export and share a flair style. The File I/O is, as is this tool, all subject to change and development.

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Ida, Monument Valley - Gallery - McNeel Forum
I think these can be implemented under the rendered visual, mode like specific quick edit studio HDR and some updates to control of edges and isocurves.

hi Tay, Well… of course, absolutely anything can be achieved by manually creating it in a workflow where you are modeling a backdrop + creating custom HDR lighting +creating + reassigning all materials, etc.

The whole point of a well-designed, programmed, and delivered working viewmode is that you have to do zero work to achieve all those same effects, or an acceptable alternative, without having to do all that work, and do so undestructively.



Ofcourse , good diagrams with minimal effort is always a challenge that I hope one day to see with Rhino

fwiw, I have been approaching flair like a new medium for making images. I see it like paint and brushes, or any other art supply you want to use.

Can the defaults be fiddled so people who want to just button click their images add day long? sure. Continue to send us some examples of what you are looking for and we’ll do our best to adapt.


the real magic of flair comes from experimenting with flair style, lighting, material types, surface finish,texture, background image etc…

There are always going to be people who just want to button click art, and that’s fine, but for me Flair has opened up a whole new way to present images and I’m all in for that.

Another important thing remember. This is Flair 1.0… it has a lot more power to give under the hood, but also has a LOT of underlying complexity. Trying to balance usability and control is a constant push/pull.

I am excited to see what you all do with this, and it’s one of the few times FAAFO (google it) ends up being a good thing.


I got permission to dig into @jeff 's dev folder and post some images that are outside of the current defaults to help illustrate some of the deeper capabilities of Flair.

these are all still fully interactive 3d models, can be rotated on screen and used just like any other display mode. (with expected performance impacts due to the display complexity and your machines power)


I’ve only briefly looked into flair, and found it difficult to set up a look. It depends on settings that are scattered around the interface and depend a lot on the display mode you apply the flare to. This I think is going to be hard to learn/teach/support.

The best so far I could achieve looks like this:

I agree with @gustojunk that in order to make this successful, we need a few curated settings to start with that people want to use. If at all possible, I would prefer this to be a display mode rather than a display display mode … :grimacing:

The current presets are not going to be something I would consider useful and certainly not something I would send to a client. As @tay.othman already mentioned, they currently all look like posterized photoshop images.

In it’s current state, if you throw this at the average user, it’s like throwing a basket full of ingredients to a person that has never cooked before, and say: here, you have all that’s needed to make a wonderful dish, just pick the right combination of ingredients AND the right amounts :slight_smile:

(side note: model is Shiro Kuramata’s “Sofa with arms”)


Agreed, keep playing with it and keep sending images that help define what this means and we will refine the settings and UI to meet this goal.

what I would like to see is control over the edges that are in the light and those that are in the shadow, so that you can emphasize the ones in the shadow, like you would do in a sketch.

In general I don’t like and never would use the posterized edges effect where you see a dark/light/dark lines.


I am in the “people” category- a craftsman who builds musical instruments and spends my days in a dusty workshop. Please give me a dozen stunning presets and a few sliders to play with. I am very excited to see this being developed and hope it will be useful for less advanced users like myself.


Yep… :+1: +1

Great feedback, please send images that are representative of the looks and styles you would consider “stunning”. We can use those and adjust our presets to try and replicate them.

for example:
your own sketches :slight_smile:

The first sketch on this page, shows nice linework that creates depth by thicker lines in the foreground and thinner in the background: Trying to do at least one car sketch a day – ScottDesigner

and here are a few more sources of inspiration. Especially Markus Kindler on behance is worth looking into.

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