Rhino 8 wip closes unexpectedly

I can’t open Rhino WIP and it opens Rhino 7 plugins by default then close it self
I have also tried the safe mode and it has closed while I was trying to disable the plugins but it closes by it self again !!!

check out this video to Explain it

Hi Hussein -
I suppose you could try to uninstall all of those 3rd party plug-ins, but it’s close to impossible for us to figure out what goes wrong with cracked software…

There are no crash reports submitted under your email address.
If the Rhino Crash Reporter is opening, add your email address and a description of what you were attempting to do when Rhino crashed, and let us know so we can take a look and maybe suggest a work-around.

By the way, why are you answering Yes to these questions?

Sometimes bugs in plug-ins can break Rhino. Do you want to load this plug-in?