Rhino 8 WIP and Google Analytics?


I’m just curious why Rhino 8 WIP sometimes mid session tries to connect to Google Analytics?

Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 07.51.03

This seems to be a new thing since the latest update.

I suspect this was debugging code that was mistakenly left in during the RhinoWIP development cycle. I see one //commented out reference.

I just did a search for google-analytics in our source code and Rhino.app itself does not make calls to it. However, if you have usage statistic enabled (Settings > General > Privacy > Allow the collection of usage statistic), RhinoMonitor.app will make calls to this end-point for crash-reporting purposes.

LittleSnitch, which it appears you are using, should show those calls from RhinoMonitor.app…but only if you have Allow the collection of usage statistic enabled. The event it logs is extremely sparse: just that a crash happened.

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Interesting. Thanks for the reply.