Rhino 8 WIP (8.0.22018) macOS crash on load

Hi there - the latest Rhino 8 WIP 8.0.22018 crashed shortly after the loading screen, spins briefly looking for a license and then fails silently.

Is there any way to download the previous build that was working?

Hi William -
8.0.22018 doesn’t crash on my Mac. Can you please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here?
As for going back to the previous build, we can provide a link to that version but I’d rather go forward first. Could you give it a go with the latest in-house build?
Note that, on macOS, you can have several versions “installed” at the same time. When unpacking, just drag and drop the icon to the desktop and rename the resulting icon on the desktop (to, e.g. "8.0.20). That way, other versions will not overwrite each other.

Thanks Wim - can I run Rhino SystemInfo in Rhino 7? Rhino 8 WIP won’t load.

OK, when I open Rhino 7 I run SystemInfo, please see attached, and also the crash log from Rhino 8 WIP, also attached.
rhinoSystemInfo.txt (5.9 KB)
Rhino8WIPCrashDump.txt (2.2 MB)

Thanks, William.
The previous public WIP was 8.0.22011 - does that still open on your system?

Yes 8.0.22011 works. SystemInfo log attached.
Rhino8.0.22011.SystemInfo.txt (15.9 KB)

…although when I run RhinoCode it crashed…
Rhino8WIPCrashDump.txt (1.6 MB)

@eirannejad can you take a look at this? The top crash report also has RhinoCode listed in the stack

@stevebaer @William_Nash Yeah I saw this yesterday on my machine when I opened rhinocode and pushed a fix that I’ll merge for next release. But it doesn’t crash Rhino “on load”. Only after rhinocode and an instance of the editor is open. This code has been there for a while so not sure why the bug just showed up now.

I’m gonna run more tests

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@William_Nash The crash dump you shared is when RhinoCode editor would be open. Are you positive the crash dump was created when rhino crashed at startup?!

Hi Ehsan, the second rhino crash is for the previous WIP 8.0.22011 - it loads but when I run RhinoCode it crashed.

Okay - it gets stranger, I returned to my laptop and opened it, Rhino 8.0.22011 popped up as if it had been loading in the background. I opened RhinoCode and when I try to run a script it fails with the following message:

/Users/will/.rhinocode/python3.9-1.11/site-rhinopython/rhinoscript/layer.py:64: SyntaxWarning: “is” with a literal. Did you mean “==”?
if idx is 0:
NameError : name ‘System’ is not defined
File “/var/folders/qs/gcz63jmn21j_fjz4sr1cdjn80000gn/T/tmpamaAyK.tmp”, line 12, in
p1 = rs.AddPoint([-4.7,8.22,Z0])
File “/Users/will/.rhinocode/python3.9-1.11/site-rhinopython/rhinoscript/geometry.py”, line 117, in AddPoint
if rc == System.Guid.Empty:
at Python.Runtime.Runtime.CheckExceptionOccurred() in /Users/bozo/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/96e64af5b81c6f85/src4/rhino4/Plug-ins/RhinoCodePlugins/src/lib/McNeel.PythonNet/src/runtime/runtime.cs:line 527
at Python.Runtime.PyScope.Execute(PyObject script, PyDict locals) in /Users/bozo/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/96e64af5b81c6f85/src4/rhino4/Plug-ins/RhinoCodePlugins/src/lib/McNeel.PythonNet/src/runtime/pyscope.cs:line 240
at Python.Runtime.RhinoCPythonEngine.RunScope(String scopeName, String pythonFile, Boolean tempFile, Boolean useCache) in /Users/bozo/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/96e64af5b81c6f85/src4/rhino4/Plug-ins/RhinoCodePlugins/src/lib/McNeel.PythonNet/src/runtime/RhinoCPythonEngine.cs:line 319

Hi - turns out that if the *.py file is not saved then System throws the above error, so now it all seems to be working well. I’ll check back in if there are any issues.

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