Rhino 8 View Capture to File producing mosaic and blank images (MAC)

I’ve been trying to capture my viewport in Rhino 8 however each time I try to export in any scale above “1” (with transparent background) it either produces a mosaic-like image or nothing at all (see below). I updated from Rhino7 today and never had any issues with this as I could capture my viewport in scales far above “1”. Some issues I’m guessiing I could be having is that I have NIL memory to capture in high scales, or that I’ve done something wrong to my model which was made in Rhino 7. If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated.
NOTE: I can render normally without a transparent background up to scale “3” but no further than that. Using the transparent background option on any scale does result in the images below.

What the model should look like in a captured view.

What it has ended up looking like after capturing views in scales above 1

I am finding Rhino 8 gives weirdly discolored renders when raytracing surfaces that have result from BooleanSplit. The structures in both these images should have identical coloration, but for some mysterious reason one has black rectangles and mis-shaded areas that should just be blank rectangles.
Image the way I expect:

Image Rhino outputs when rendering the raytraced image:

So you’re not alone. The common thread in my miscolored object faces is a history of BooleanSplit. Hope this helps.

Latest rhino 8 beta on M1 Ultra running MacOS 13.4.1 (“Ventura”)

Here’s a render instead of a screenshot, showing the problem. All the things that weren’t colored like the top image were results of BooleanSplit.

I even selected everything and dragged it all into the same layer trying to get similar depicted coloration, and no dice. Every object is in the same layer, no textures have been added to anything, and there’s no reason anything should look different for any reason except as driven by lighting, light angles, and shadow. I don’t know what’s behind the bug, but it’s a bug.

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Hi Tom, thanks, this may be related
RH-72488 viewcapture scale is broken on Mac


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I got the mosaic render also, when trying to export to a specific scale.