Rhino 8 UV-Editor "Save to bitmap" No file is created

I have a problem saving a bitmap file (.tiff, .bmp, .jpg ) in the UV-Editor. No file is created after entering the file name.
Am I doing something wrong, is there a trick or is this a bug?
Thank you in advance

Is that the Rhino WIP? As usual, the output of Rhino’s systeminfo command and a .3dm that shows the issue would be very helpful.

I use the latest Rhino-Version, not WIP. I have downloaded the .3dm file from the Rhino-Homepage.
Attached the .3dm file that i use.
UV-Mapping-Demo (1).3dm (844.2 KB)

Hi @peter.greskamp ,

I’m not seeing this issue here in Rhino 8. Can you check if it has to do with user rights to the specific location you are saving the UV editor screenshot too? Try saving to your desktop or downloads folder for instance. If you still have this issue, please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino 8 and post that text file here. It may have more clues as to why this isn’t working for you.

Unbelievable, that is the solution. I’m admin on my computer, but I could not create in these two folders. I have safed on my desktop and now it works.
Thanks for the help.

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