Rhino 8 – UI Editors


I try to configure the Rhino8 interface according to my preferences and habits.
Here’s what’s happening now:
“Window > Toolbars…”, “Create a new toolbar > Change name > Next >” Oh! I need to edit my macro, ‘Cancel > Close’, ‘Window > Macro… > New > modify > Ok > Ok’, ‘Window > Toolbars…’, ‘create a new toolbar’ tools > modify name > next’ Ok, my macro is there, I can continue the process…, …, …

We are returning to a very old system and not very pratical compared to the Workspace Editor of Rhino 7 which allows you to modify all the elements of the interface in a single interface.

It would be nice to bring WorkspaceEditor back into Rhino 8.

I also notice that the toolbar editor does not allow editing toolbars. But only to create them.
It appears that the procedure for adding a button to an existing toolbar is to select “New Button…” from the context menu and follow the procedure step by step.
It’s already taking a long time with Rhino 7, but now…

Are there plans to have a unified system for editing the interface like in Rhino 7?

We understand this is an issue and plan to improve the experience. I don’t know what that exactly means yet, but it is very high on our priority list of items to improve in Rhino 8. We know it is a pain point.