Rhino 8 SubD - Prefabricated frames

Prefabricated frames.

I worked with Alias Speedform in my studies and was thrilled with some of the features that Rhino 8 should also have, or even better.

Here in the example for automotive construction. This could also be extended to shipbuilding / architecture etc…
So that everyone can use grids for their application.

In this series of pictures you can see how a car side is quickly prepared. Wheel size, wheel wells and wheel base can be created with a few clicks.


Extra feature could be. Why not also include a windshield, A/ B/ C pillar and width. Then you could quickly create a rough base model for an automobile.

My wish would be to have different base frames for various bodies like car, ship, airplane, architecture, etc. Which one can adapt to the target geometry with a few steps and parameters.
This would greatly speed up the initial modeling phase.

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that is a nice preset, you can certainly make your own and save it as a file, then make a button to load it, or make a template file and load from there. I personally have a few of these set up for trucks, sedans, hatchbacks, etc…

here is a base model I did a while back- you are welcome to use it however you please-