Rhino 8 SubD - Extra feature for edge loop

Extra feature for edge loop (exactly the other way round)

If you insert an edge loop into the polygon model afterwards, logically the interpolated model changes.
I often had the problem, when modeling my model, that I still need an edge loop in an area. But without changing the interpolated model.

The model is already in shape and maybe a bit more complex. An inserted edge loop can then destroy my previous result, or it is a lot of work to incorporate the edge loop into the old finished shape.

My wish would be. A tool to insert edge loops, but into the interpolated model. So that the plygon model adapts and the interpolated model does not change.
If that is not 100% possible, maybe then to a high shape fidelity that is very close to the original interpolated shape. That would be incredibly cool.

In the example you see a very rough simplified representation of the problem. Here a ship hull from the side. The bow is finished and the curvature should be preserved. Now I have to set an edge loop to be able to continue designing. But actually the interpolated model should not change, or almost not change.

Here you see the shape-problem

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ok we can select edge loops in a subD- but how can I select an edge loop in a regular nurbs surface?

you have a picture?

maybe you mean “extract wireframe”?