Rhino 8 service release candidate unavailable

Finally got the R8 license today.
So trying to update to the current service release candidate, it says unavailable !

[Obviously] Iv’e been checking the update Botton in Option, General.
In addition to the update being unavailable, the option for update candidate is not remembered after Rhino restart. At least here.

thanks a lot

Same here !

Same. As suggested elsewhere, for now you can download the last RC here:


My R8 remembers the SRC setting and I’ve installed the first SRC, so questions:

Did you download and install the R8 Eval or the R8 Full (needs a licence) version? I chose the latter.

Have you successfully applied the licence (e.g. via the Cloud Zoo)?

Have you restarted Rhino after applying the licence?

The SRC setting should stick after that. Don’t forget that it can take 24 hours after applying that setting for Rhino to start downloading. To manually download the SRC use the Check Now option on the Updates page.


Hi @jeremy5
Yes to all

Bought the upgrade
Set up the cloud zoo
Restarted rhino after setting the update option ( more than once)

It may be just a Mac thing

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Same results here.

Bought upgrade,
Installed keys to cloud zoo

Set General prefs to “service candidates” or whatever, and check updates still not finding them.

Didn’t know where to find the manual download link until the post above.