Rhino 8 Service Release Candidate Available

Rhino 8 SR7 Release Candidate 1 for Windows and Mac (8.7.24101) is now available
Requires Rhino 8

Bugs Fixed:

  • Annotation: DimArea and DimCurveLength don't remember Type setting (RH-78877)
  • ArrayCrv: Command ends with no result if target curve is shorter than last used distance (RH-81288)
  • BlendSrf: Problem with periodic surface (RH-81448)
  • BlockManager: Block Definitions panel responses slow in larger projects (RH-81009)
  • ChamferEdge: Leaves gaps (RH-20898)
  • Developer Tools: Yak.exe fails with multi-targeted plugin (RH-80648)
  • Display:
    • Select blocks show transparent in Rendered and Arctic Display Modes (RH-80804)
    • Ghosted mode AA is off when not using the default background color (RH-78906)
    • Inserting a block mess up display (RH-80720)
    • SubD boundaries do not display locked color (RH-80965)
  • Export: Pressing Enter key when editing DPI continues PDF export instead of accepting DPI changes (RH-60075)
  • ExtrudeCrvTapered: Does not fill the corner at curve seam (RH-80869)
  • File IO:
    • Roundtrip the strings exported to 3mf (RH-81277)
    • glTF doesn’t export box mappings correctly (RH-81045)
    • OBJ export creates too many materials (RH-81245)
  • FilletSrf: FilletSrf* commands do not accept space key as Enter (RH-81072)
  • FlatShade: Doesn't work on Mac in v8 (RH-77946)
  • Grasshopper:
    • Curve Seam Location on Offset Regression (RH-81013)
    • Mesh Preview stops working as expected (RH-81196)
  • Grasshopper: Components: Model Material component can't be edited after material is set (RH-81190)
  • Gumball:
    • Free translation occasionally gets constrained (RH-80200)
    • AutoReset acts differently in Rhino 8 (RH-81205)
  • Installer: Shortcut error on install (RH-81233)
  • Isolate: Invert / Isolate doesn't work on annotation objects perpendicular to view (RH-81360)
  • Layer:
    • Changing Current Layer Disables Command Typing (RH-80790)
    • Reorder bug with drag and drop (RH-80754)
  • Localization: Concatenation issue (RH-80558)
  • Make2D: Failure in removing lines behind clipping plane caps (RH-77105)
  • NamedView: Name editing does not accept only case change (RH-81370)
  • Offset: Does not create caps when requested (RH-76297)
  • Ortho: Hash marks incorrectly appear with gumball scale (RH-80978)
  • Print:
    • Saving image file shows decimals for pixel units (RH-81068)
    • Saving image file shows too many decimals for width and height (RH-81200)
    • Options for Rhino PDF incorrectly visible other printers (RH-81199)
    • Print dialog missing window control buttons (RH-81067)
    • Vector output draws hidden lines in front (RH-80971)
  • Properties: Scripted hatch properties missing background color option (RH-81266)
  • PushPull: Makes object disappear (RH-79707)
  • RDK:
    • Child texture is not shown in tree view (RH-81256)
    • Modal Content editor name change bug (RH-81415)
    • Content details section is missing (RH-80411)
  • Rendering:
    • Does not restart when changing amount of some settings (RH-81096)
    • Mapping lock not working (RH-80677)
    • Saving rendering does not remember last used file format (RH-80379)
  • Rendering: Cycles: Textures in rhino environment aren't observing adjustments (RH-81386)
  • Rendering: Materials:
    • Tree view thumbnails refresh despite no changes (RH-74642)
    • Rhino hangs when quitting search in tree view (RH-81088)
  • Rendering: Texture Mapping:
    • Texture Mapping: Artifacts in custom mesh mapping (RH-43051)
    • Added TestFillInLegacyTextureCoordinates test command for correcting texture mapping in KeyShot (RH-80470)
  • SDK: IsLinear is not accessible from ON_Texture/DocObjects.Texture (RH-81175)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • Missing CRhinoPlugIn::AddToPlugInHelpMenu() and CRhinoPlugIn::OnDisplayPlugInHelp() (RH-81148)
    • ClippingPlaneObject.GetFillSurfaces makes no result with SubD (RH-67669)
  • ScriptEditor:
    • CSharp scripts shows incorrect error on this.Component of scriptinstance (RH-81345)
    • Output list of Circle can not convert to any hint (RH-81429)
    • Component does not send errors to out parameter (RH-81426)
    • Python- rs.ObjectsByType() glitch (RH-78831)
    • Pythonnet does not wrap return interface types correctly (RH-79621)
    • Pythonnet derived classes from dotnet types does not find python dunder methods (RH-80651)
    • Script.Instance RunScript output needs to be marshalled (RH-81136)
    • “type(obj) is” does not recognize the type correctly (RH-76942)
    • Try to install pip from embedded if get_pip fails (RH-80990)
  • Section Tools: ClippingSections command not always save useful named views (RH-81194)
  • SelBadObjects: Missing bad objects (RH-81184)
  • Shrinkwrap: Blocks with meshes return different meshes (RH-81387)
  • Toolbar:
    • Importing or pasting SVG takes a long time or hangs Rhino (RH-79884)
    • Flyout cascade down instead of to the right (RH-80269)
  • UDT: UTD: CageEdit preview not getting transformed to world coordinates (RH-81074)
  • UVEditor: Curve objects can not be copied into UV Editor (RH-79010)
  • UserText: Export keys with variable values (RH-56778)
  • WindowLayout: Incorrectly allows saving over built-in name (RH-73983)


  • Preferences: Bold value text truncated at bottom in Advanced settings (RH-58167)

Crashes Fixed:

  • Docking: Eto: Crash when resizing container (RH-80913)
  • Rendering: Textures: Save as Image with very high resolution crashes Rhino immediately (RH-80886)
  • Shade: Switch to new display mode crashes (RH-81006)


  • File IO:
    • Added custom metadata to 3mf export (RH-81320)
    • USD export prefixes mesh names with object name (RH-81145)
  • Grasshopper: Added "00 From Rhino to Grasshopper" tutorial file (RH-80498)
  • Layout:
    • Added “Print” to context menu in Layouts panel (RH-81187)
    • Print button in Layouts panel supports printing multiple selected layouts (RH-55300)
  • Print:
    • Allows setting file name prefix when saving each layout to a separate PDF file (RH-78902)
    • Offer layout name as the pdf file name (RH-64199)
  • Rendering: Sun settings use current local date and time by default (RH-80940)
  • SVG: Added gradient support to SVG export (RH-79097)
  • ScriptEditor:
    • Support hint/signature provider for python (RH-78115)
    • Search highlight uses different color for selected string (RH-80874)

Performance Improvements:

  • ScriptEditor: Printing to "Terminal" is slow (RH-78093)

Regressions Fixed:

  • Annotation: Hatch: Curve direction affects pattern orientation (RH-80855)
  • Context Menu: Recently used command list shows keyboard shortcuts instead of command names (RH-81115)
  • ExtendSrf:
  • Grasshopper: Extrusion object to mesh (RH-80861)
  • Make2D: Performance lower in v8 (RH-80901)
  • Offset: Curve.Offset Seam problem (RH-81253)
  • ScriptEditor:
    • Python derived classes do not follow str methods up the class chain if there is a break (RH-81027)
    • Stderr does not capture exceptions thrown from ScriptInstance (RH-80509)
    • Python int fails to convert to System.Boolean (RH-81272)
    • Change IList back to List type for input in GH (RH-81452)
    • Python 3 does not consider ObjectType.None as False (RH-80145)
    • Example script fails (RH-79614)

SDK Enhancement:

  • File IO: Added USD export options to RhinoCommon (RH-78794)
  • SDK:
    • Added SetCachedTextureCoordinatesFromMaterial and GetCachedTextureCoordinates to ON_Mesh (RH-80877)
    • Added variable radius fillet to C++ and .NET SDK (RH-81002)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • Exposed what Rhino.CheckNewObjects() does (RH-70968)
    • Hooked up export options for 3MF file (RH-81158)
    • Added SetCachedTextureCoordinatesFromMaterial and GetCachedTextureCoordinates to Rhino.Geometry.Mesh (RH-80878)
    • Exposed ON_Brep::GetTangentConnectedComponents (RH-81106)

UI Change:

  • Print: Added layout navigation buttons above preview area (RH-80692)

Usability Problems Fixed:

  • ScriptEditor:
    • Script editor ↔ Component cone wrong (RH-75781)
    • Reimplement editor positioning close to component (RH-81319)
    • Help panel improved for rhinoscript syntax (RH-79118)
    • Added “Open Help In Browser” to right-click menu of items in Help panel (RH-81276)

Mac-Only Changes

Bugs Fixed:

  • CommandHelp: Filter in Help panel is slow and autocomplete does not work well (RH-81030)
  • Display: Technical Display Varies if Block is Involved (RH-81054)
  • Display Metal: Wireframes are no longer drawing (RH-81203)
  • HatchScale: Display precision bug (RH-59223)
  • Import: File IO: USDZ file can not be opened with some version of Rhino 8 (RH-81083)
  • Keyboard: Cmd+Shift+S not working (RH-79585)
  • Layer: Dropdown shows only Default when clicking on top edge (RH-81264)
  • OSnap: One shot Osnap panel doesn't refresh on mouse out (RH-81280)
  • Rendering: Save button reads "Export" (RH-80378)
  • Rendering: Materials: Material assign menu items do not show on Mac (RH-81351)
  • Rendering: Textures: Does not remember previous folder on Mac (RH-59505)
  • Shrinkwrap: Block instances don't get wrapped on Mac (RH-78150)
  • StatusBar: Minutes from last save not updating on Mac (RH-80984)
  • Toolbar: Toolbars needs to be removed from Appearance (RH-80300)
  • Viewports: Viewports - "unable to zoom" after zooming out (RH-74566)
  • WindowLayout: Command panel gets a tab (RH-80724)


  • NamedSelections: Allow Drag Drop Reordering of Parent Items (RH-60070)

Windows-Only Changes

Bugs Fixed:

  • ChangeLayer: Dialog too tall (RH-79958)
  • Display: Cannot cast shadows from unclipped objects when specified (RH-78193)
  • File IO: glTF export fails from Rhino.Inside when objects have custom materials (RH-81003)
  • Installer: Rhino WIP highlights Rhino 6 taskbar icon on Windows (RH-60614)
  • Layer: Layer tree collapses when editing a sublayer name (RH-78431)
  • PackageManager: Error with /NetFX (RH-81227)
  • PointCloud: TestPointCloudStyle no longer works fully in Rhino 8 (RH-78714)
  • SelVisible: Gets everything (RH-44001)
  • Toolbar:
    • Middle mouse pop up broken v8 sr7 (RH-81153)
    • Tabs no longer update Sidebar (RH-81142)

UI Change:

  • Print: "Preview " between pages Missing in Print Dialog (RH-76466)

Usability Problems Fixed:

  • Detail: Can't change scale without moving focus from the properties panel (RH-55963)