Rhino 8 offline help issues

I have installed last month’s offline help and using it with last week’s SRC.

It takes 10 seconds or more to initially load and 10 seconds to change topics every time. It’s been working like that for quite a while with various versions of the help and Rhino. Can this be improved?
My browser is Edge.

I also noticed a couple of typos. I’ve attached screen snips of the relevant portions.

Shouldn’t the “2”'s in “HelpTypo.PNG” volume second moment be superscripted?

The text in “HelpPolygonMeshOption.PNG” is the beginning of a whole section that is repeated a second time after the first.

Did you see this post? I believe you are the one who can do something about it so I’m bringing it explicitly to your attention. Also this earlier one:


Sorry, I missed that one. I’m investigating.