Rhino 8 object color UI/UX regression

Why this?

To quickly set a custom color RH7 was much better!

That dropdown list was smart! Black/White + 6 colors from primals and some mixed.
Just smart. Quick and fast. Reactive with 0ms delay.

Why can’t those 8 simple colors be added to 8 dropdown list?

In Rhino 8 you have to click custom color, WAIT this pops up:

see where it pops (not always same place), move cursor, select color with another extra click, confirm with another extra click.

Rhino 7 could achieve the same results but with less clicks and less cursor movement.
Rhino 8 don’t add anything but a set of icons depending on the “By layer” “By parent” etc… in-line of “Display Color” row …
Fancy! … but not useful and less productive!

This is just another of the small detail that, together many other similar UI/UX regressions, make me stay away from 8.

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