Rhino 8 - more flexibility in Key and Value assignment

Currently the Match function in Key and Value only just match all the keys and values and hence not allow to pick only certain keys so i have proposed some dialogue which appears as we click on match.

Idea 1

Idea 2

the benefit of idea 2 is that we can prepare one CSV file and import all the keys and values at once from that CSV or Any Rhino file and assign those values for the desired objects.

Hello- for the first request,
RH-77195 Selectively match object user text

I do not really get the second request.


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Let me explain second request further

  • currently Rhino shows keys and values of the selected objects, alongwith current system there should be a three-dot menu to show all keys and values that are present in the document (as shown in the image). It will list down all keys and values combinations.

  • The yellow filled circle shows the currently assigned keys and values of the object and the circle with grey fill show that it is not assigned to the object and if the user click on that circle then it will turn to yellow and that key and value combination will be assigned to all selected objects.

I have also found this issue when importing keys and values
also suggested some idea to handle such thing

Hello- so, apart from the specific mechanism, the goal is to have a document library, in effect, of key and values that can be applied to any object, correct?


  • yes, i mean the document itself should have all the “keys and values” stored so user can import them into another Rhino projects directly and then after importing we can select the objects and assign keyvalue combo as mentioned previously.

  • Also, we can export a csv file and further edit it with notepad/excel as well.

  • This will be helpful for others in sharing our file as well.

  • We can select multiple key and value and select all objects containing those keys.

  • I also suggested some automatic key and value combo like when we import cad file key-Import Value-CAD. but it can thought for later.

As for Matching or duplicating specific entries… don’t forget that you can select a range of Key/Values, right click and select copy, then paste to another object(s) by right clicking the header and selecting paste key and value. This also works for layout user text key/values

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… and to and from Document User Text that you could save in a template without needing to have objects or layouts to store this information on.



Can you select values ranging from 5 to 10?

I don’t believe Rhino currently has any commands that take input functions to select objects, or object attributes.

My comment is about selecting objects in the list and copying them, vs using Match to selectively copy key/values.

Not sure about Rhino… but in Grasshopper you can with the new Filter Content, Group Content components.

It’s quite powerful

Correct, we would need something like a SelFx command in Rhino to do something similar and I can image the UI could become quite complex depending on the expansiveness of its abilities and ultimately lead you right back to Grasshopper.

I’m going to throw out a crazy idea… @Trav and @AndyPayne

It appears that the GH Filter component can be read as a text expression with a particular syntax/formatting.

Perhaps this text could be copy/pasted or used in a “User Defined Filters” location of the User Text panel in Rhino.

Rather than building out a whole UI in Rhino for creating “User Defined Filters” perhaps just duplicating the current User Text Key/Value panel and replacing Key with “Filter Name” and Value with “Filter Expression”

These could be defined in Document User Text otherwise I guess?

Anyways then on the User Text “Filter” tab you could apply a checkmark to the currently active filter (similar to how setting the default layer works in the Layers Panel)

Filter Text Example created in GH:

That is the expected behavior, no?

I’ve put this on the list as RH-77247 UserText: Don’t make duplicate key-value pairs

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