Rhino 8 Mac - SelLayer and SelBlockInstanceNamed

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In the previous version of Rhino (7), whenever I had an object selected and then I type “SelLayer”, it would always select the object layer, so then I would just press Space Bar again to select all the objects on this layer.

Somehow this has been lost in Rhino 8, whenever I select an object and type “SelLayer” it just opens and selects the current layer I’m using, so I have to manually select the wanted layer and then press space bar again.

Moreover, It would be amazing to have the exact same thing in “SelBlockInstanceNamed”, where if you have a block already selected and then you type in the previous command, it just selects all the blocks with similar names.

Looking forward to having this fixed and added !! As it would make the workflow much easier.

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I see that too. We moved the SelLayer to a cross-platform version for Rhino 8 and we lost this functionality in the process. The SelLayer papercut is logged here:

RH-78761 SelLayer: Spacebar should act as Enter key in dialog

Thanks for letting us know!

I can’t reproduce this issue in Rhino 8 for Mac, so I think I must be misunderstanding.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Opened this file in Rhino 8 for Mac (8.2):
    SelBlockInstanceNamedTest.3dm (2.6 MB)
  2. Selected one of the block instances.
  3. Ran SelBlockInstanceNamed - the Select Block Instances dialog appears.
  4. Pressed space

All the block instances of MyTestBlock are selected. That’s what I would expect. How about you?

There is a recent tune up to -SelLayer > Pick where the current selection could be accepted now as the input. RH-78335 SelLayer: Scriptable command allows picking more objects with preselect
_-SelLayer _Pick _Enter, with a pre-selection now works (latest V8)

It seems like a similar thing could be done to _-SelBlockInstanceName and bypass the dialog, I’m not sure if that is what is being requested here.

Never mind, that already works in -SelBlockInstaneNamed + SelectBlockToMatch + Enter , though differently from -SelLayer. These should probably be the same, with a ‘Pick’ (I’d call it ‘Select’) option the accepts the current pre-selection on Enter, thus allowing adding to the preselection if needed.


Are you planning on correcting this issue? Or finding another way around? This is a serious time drain if we must scroll through a list to find a layer. Thanks

Hello- the bug item mentioned above has been fixed.


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