Rhino 8 MAC -- Edge Softening and material color change

When changing a color using the Levels panel Material, if an object is using Soften edges, you will not get immediate color change in the edit window, only the object without soften edges. However when you apply the color all of the objects update. You must have RENDER turned on in the window.

I can’t show a good case yet but I believe this will also lead to a crash in more complex models.

hi @paul.hecko pls run _SystemInfo in Rhino and post back the results. There are some reported issues with edge softening and I would like to verify if that’s the same.

I think it is different:
RH-82007 Material change via layer panel on edge softened object

Thanks Gijs, that’s it.

I do find that with a much larger model it can crash the system. I find that that’s not as repeatable.


@paul.hecko if it crashes do you get a crash report? It would be very helpful to send those in if you do, thanks!

I only get the crash report for Apple instead for McNeel.


If you could copy&paste the contents of that reporter dialog here in a reply, that’d be helpful.