Rhino 8 keeps asking me for licence then deletes it in Rhino 7

then i reinitiate the licence in v7 again then it deletes it for Wip 8 again… i am not sure where i took a wrong turn off but its a little nerve wrecking…

Since WIP 8 uses your V7 license, I recall there was a problem when uninstalling the WIP, it would remove your license if you are using it “Locked” like you are.
I’m not finding my notes on Saturday on the details of this problem, but this is probably enough to go on.

This isn’t exactly what you’re describing but it seems similar with your general problem description.

If you move your V7 license to the Personal licenses in your login account this does not happen.

My guess is you aren’t working in an Internet air-gapped research lab, for a defense contractor, the military, or off-grid with no Internet access, why are you even using “Locked” licensing?

Accounts based floating licensing is much more flexible, including taking turns running V7 on one computer and the V8 WIP on another.

Any luck?

i was thinking about it, but my internet tends to be a bit moody at times, i also dont want to be depended and yes sometimes i simply have no internet when i am on the run with the laptop, having to log in to be able to run a software is just too complicated in most of my cases at least.

but i figured that i misspelled my name at the registration since i quickly hacked it into the keys. i am aware that you dont have to register but maybe that was the wrong turn off? i submitted the registration once more and for now i have not had to enter the licence again… shall see.

@encephalon The floating system does not require logging in every time you use Rhino. I only need to log in once a month or so. And Rhino continues to work without internet available. I recently had a day long internet outage and it did not affect my ability to use Rhino, other than online help. My understanding is an internet connection is required at least once every week or so. I routinely switch between using Rhino on my desktop and laptop. The license system asks if I want to switch system, I click yes on the system I’ve switched to and use Rhino. There is no need to access the other system which means when I travel with the laptop I don’t have to do anything on the desktop before I leave - just start using Rhino on the laptop where ever I am.

@davidcockey is correct on the concept. The system is designed to be very resilient.
Here’s a little more detail…

Rhino uses a local license lease. It is good for about 3 weeks.
When you start Rhino the first time, after logging out, or if the lease time is 10% or more used up, Rhino contacts the servers and refreshes your lease file.
This event is listed on the Notifications panel.
The lease end is also shown in Options (Mac Preferences) > Licenes

Let’s say you start Rhino, the lease is refreshed and noted on the Notifications panel, then your Internet goes out a few hours later.
You start Rhino the next day, but since your first license lease is still over 90% remaining, Rhino just starts.
A few days later you start Rhino again, the lease update check fails silently, is listed on Notifications, and Rhino starts. Unless you look, you will not know the license lease update has failed.
This pattern of license lease update failing continues.
When the lease is down to about 48 hours, then Rhino will warn you the license has not been refreshed and Rhino will not run when the lease time is over.
This warning gets more and more insistent the closer you get to the end.

By this time, it’s likely you noticed your Internet was out and sorted it.
If you didn’t know, now Rhino is complaining about it.

The vast majority of Rhino users have no idea how the system actually works, and never look. It just works.

People that have a seldom used laptop mostly used for traveling need to know this. When you’re packing your toothbrush, pull out the laptop and start Rhino so it gets a fresh 3-week lease. If you don’t when you try to start Rhino without an Internet connection like on your flight, Rhino will not start.

Does that make sense?

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