Rhino 8 Grasshopper - Hide Wires Keyboard Shortcut Not Working

OMG, I have wanted a keyboard shortcut for hiding wires for years… I never saw this list before. Also a shortcut for panels with multi-line data.

Yeah, it is bad.

It’s like peeling a banana in a spacesuit.
Or playing piano in hockey gloves.
Or cutting a steak with a spoon.

Really slow and awkward.

IF the problem really stems from switching from .NET Framework to .NET Core and somehow the magical unintended nice behavior got lost in the process, how much extra development work does it take to create this feature for GH1? It is unacceptable not to have it and having to resort to this SetDotNetRuntime-workaround.

I composed a song about this:


That’s so cool man! I need to put it in my ‘‘work’’ playlist :rofl:

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