Rhino 8 - Ghosted display mode - weird outline around surface edge curves

@Paul_Harris you can test this also side by side, since the changes in NVidia panel need a restart of Rhino. So you can make each instance of Rhino different and compare

See below - default settings on left - adjusted settings on the right.

I should note that I’m running the latest release candidate 8.5 as well.




No real difference in any other display modes.

Rhino 8 Test.zip (1.6 MB)
Full resolution Zip of the above screenshots

In that example it might look good, but I found it on default gray and with isocurves on, that the isocurves become fuzzy.

Ah - I see - I don’t usually work with isocurves.

It seems to be working about as good as Rhino 7 does on my machine now:

(Rhino 8 on the Left, Rhino 7 on the Right)

Rhino 8 Test 2.zip (562.9 KB)

It does look good in that screenshot, I’ll have a go at it again.

It looks much better now in (8.6.24086.11001, 2024-03-26).