Rhino 8 / GH1 / Rhino tab / Block INSTANCES

Andy, can you comment on this issue being apparently considered as a “feature” ?
How do you expect to replace a tool like Elefront made by people who actually understand blocks if you make such an obvious mistake ?

Please include block names as a filtering criteria for instances.
Just do it already !

Sorry for the delay. As I’ve stated in the past, the issue that you’ve reported is on our todo list and it’s something that we will most definitely fix. Part of job is trying to juggle which bugs fixes and feature requests should take priority… and unfortunately when we prioritize one thing, it sometimes pushes other requests back a bit. Rest assured that we are aware of this issue and we will address this as soon as we can.
I do want to note that our goal with this project is not to displace Elefront as a tool. Our goal was to add as many (if not all) of the native Rhino data types (Layers, Linetypes, Blocks, etc.) into Grasshopper and expose them in an intuitive way. Prior to Rhino 8, Grasshopper had primarily been used for strict geometry creation/manipulation. With these added data types, Grasshopper has the capability to add completely new workflows and we’re excited about these opportunities. It’s obvious that we don’t always hit the mark and we need to continue to add new features and fix things when they’re broken. We always appreciate feedback on what items need fixing… so I wanted to thank you for posting your observations.


The orverarching goal, even if you are not aware of it, is to make Rhino relevant in a BIM era.
And you don’t do BIM if you don’t do blocks.
You guys have been extremely late to the game, it’s time to get it right.