Rhino 8 frustrations

I just installed Rhino 8 (going from 7) and am having all kinds of frustrations. I’m sure it’s me, need to adjust settings, etc., but I’m still stuck.

First of all, the default lefthand toolbar that I’m so used to disappeared and I don’t know how to get it back. Moving on from that, just needing to draw a simple part…it won’t let me type in lengths when drawing a rectangle (for example). Thanks for your help.

The interface was largely unified for V8.
There still should be a toolbar with icons on the left.
It won’t be exactly the same but it should be very similar.

What do you have over there?
Maybe a screenshot would help.

It was there at first, but I inadvertently did something that made it go away and I don’t know how to get it back. I have nothing on the left side currently. All of the solutions I have found are for older versions that don’t seem to apply now.

Any clue on why I can’t type in lengths when trying to draw curves?

run the reset command and choose factory defaults to get back to the as installed state with your toolbars.

typing for lengths works here…

this seems ridiculous but I don’t have a command line either

That’s part of the same problem.
Did Reset not sort it for you?

It should look about like this. I haven’t made many modifications:

Honestly I don’t know how to reset it.

Try navigating to Window > Window Layouts… > Default Window Layout

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Ahh! That did it. Tools are back, curves are working normally. Thank you so much!!

We’ve been doing a bit of work lately to hopefully prevent some of these frustrations from happening down the road…but I can’t be sure which of those you might have encountered just yet (there are a few of them :sweat_smile: ) but this is a good trick for getting things back to “normal.”

You could have also just typed “reset” and found the same tool.
That’s what Kyle and I were alluding to.

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