Rhino 8 Feature: RhinoCode (CPython, CSharp)

I really tried to code some stuff using RhinoCode but for me it was in to early stage of development to do something with it, so I moved back to Hops workaround to work with CPython.

I love the idea of the CPython in Rhino, but I’m not sure if creating new IDE from scratch for Rhino makes that much sense. As my colleage reacted when I send him a link to this thread, he asked: Why they work on a new IDE rather than make good tools that will allow to use whatever IDE you want. Even though GHPython console is quite good (while C# console is at least for me almost unusable) you will never top the best IDEs (VS, VSCode, Jetbrains, Spyder, Atom etc.) for obvious reasons. Even right now people who I know, they are just using ScriptParasite plugin for C# and use IDE they want. As we know for Python there is also a builtin way to do same thing. I appreciate these examples above from @jgillmanjr when there is this Pycharm being used, because it means that we will be able to do it flawless in the future.

Obviously I don’t have a bigger picture, I don’t know details regarding this technology, therefore I’m missing things for sure. Just wanted to suggest that at the end there is a big chance that many of us will just use it as a bridge with their favourite IDE, while at the same time others will request endless number of features for the editor, to make it look and work just like their favourite editor that already exists.

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You will eventually be able to use an external tool like VS Code. We also need to ensure that there is a built-in editor for those who don’t download and use external tools.

[edit] it should also be pointed out that our current EditPythonScript code editors on Windows and Mac are very platform specific. Moving toward the future, we want to be able to write a single cross platform editor that we can make improvements to which show up on both Windows and Mac.


In my case i started coding in rhino and switched after years to VS not the oposite way.
A good IDE in rhino is a great way to learn programming.


Will this feature also be applied to grasshopper code components? :smiley:

Hi @stevebaer, from these two replies I am drawing the conclusion that at some point beyond Rhino 8, Rhino usage of IronPython 2 code will be terminated, meaning we wouldn’t be able to run the IronPython 2 code that currently works on Rhino 5,6,7?

I don’t think that is the proper conclusion to draw. We’ve worked hard to keep legacy RhinoScript running version after version of Rhino. I don’t have any plans to pull IronPython either.


I’m curious as to what the benefits of keeping IronPython around might be. I would imagine the sorts of scripts being used in Rhino wouldn’t be too difficult to port over to Python 3.9.

But I’m obviously happy to be proven wrong.

The idea is to have scripts just work without having to be rewritten…

— Dale

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