Rhino 8 Feature: GH1 Is Now More Than Just Geometry!

@howtograsshopper Sorry, I should have clarified my question :slight_smile: I was specifically asking @jmv to provide more information (which he did). I will look into your baking display issue and let you know what I find.

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@kitjmv I see. Thanks for clarifying. We have not had a chance to add any of the more advanced Material/Texturing classes. It is something we want to add, but it’s quite a big project and will take some time to work through. For now, we do not have any native components to access the properties you specified.

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We have considered some options for how to bake some objects into a “batch” and to be able to know (either by ID or by name) which batch was baked. I believe this would essentially do what you’re asking for. We need more time to develop this idea as there are a lot of corner cases… but it is something we are considering.


Thanks for the reply, and that’s cool! Looking forward to your elegant workflow for this.

Great, thanks Andy! Please keep me updated.

@howtograsshopper I think we have figured out the bug here. Essentially it boiled down to a casting error when you passed in a text panel to the input. If you had removed the text panel and just selected one of the display modes in the drop down menu (when right-clicking on the Display Mode input) and then baked your object, then I think it should have worked. However, when a text panel was added, the bug showed up. This should be fixed in the next beta release.

@AndyPayne Thanks for the quick reply. I just tried it without the panel, but unfortunately, it still doesn’t work.

Hmm… We weren’t able to repeat exactly what you’re seeing in this video. What display mode are you currently in BTW? Let’s try out the changes that we made in the next beta release (should be tomorrow evening) and see if that corrects any of this.

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@howtograsshopper I just tested Today’s build (which will be released tomorrow) and the issue seems to be solved.

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@AndyPayne I was using Shaded mode.

Based on the video that @tay.othman posted there is no issue anymore. Glad you guys solved this in the upcoming release. Keep nailing it!

Awesome list of improvements!

Is support for blocks in the roapmap for Grasshopper? There is currently no way to select and import block instances in grasshopper. You can select blocks with elefront or other plugin using filters, but I haven’t been able to figure out a way to have the user select a block element.

Benjamin, There are a number of block components. Please use the latest Rhino 8 Beta.

R8-blocks.gh (21.3 KB)


I think I am miss understanding something here. When I Bake a new layer (Sublayer), I get the string of text instead of sub layers.

The syntax is two : colons Parent::Child


Imagine you can use grasshopper image sampler to control the creation of the geometry, then use the result geometry to control the placement of the texture on it, then you can pair it with V-Ray’s timeline to create dynamically adjusting materials :slight_smile: the sky is the limit here!

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Imagine my imagination wasn’t ready for that :sweat_smile:

Everytime I peak at what you GH gurus are doing, my head explodes :joy: :exploding_head: :sweat_smile: :sob: :smiling_face_with_tear:

When Rhino antiquates all the other CAD’s, what will it be called. :smiling_face_with_tear: :money_mouth_face:

Freeform parametric automation :thinking: :thought_balloon:

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When a mesh have faces with different colors, can you add an option to replace or convert these colors to materials